Grandson invited his grandmother to the ball because she had not had such an opportunity in her youth

Michael is an extraordinarily handsome young man who was very popular in his school.

Any lady of his class would gladly agree to go to the ball with him. Everyone was surprised that no girl was invited by Michael to the ball for the celebration.

The young man was preparing for the party with his grandmother Josephine. While helping her grandson get ready for the prom, she mentioned that in her youth she couldn’t go to graduation because she grew up in a very poor family and couldn’t afford to pay. to buy a beautiful dress.

The story of his beloved grandmother touched the guy, and without hesitation he decided to invite Josephine to the ball.

At first, the grandmother did not succumb to her grandson’s persuasions, referring to the fact that “the years are not the same”.

But Michael managed to convince her that she deserved to become his companion at an important celebration.

Many guests approved of Michael’s act, but some reacted to his decision with incomprehension. But the young man does not regret his decision – he is very happy to have helped his grandmother to catch up.

We’re sure her grandma felt really happy and the deed of her grandson will become a big example for others to respect their grandparents.

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