He constantly ate junk food because he was fired from his job: The story of a Brit who lost 127 kg in 15 months

Problems at work drove him to obesity and diabetes. But he was able to pull himself together and returned a full life. We tell how the Briton was able to lose 127 kg in 15 months.

Ian Whitmore, 46, worked as a lumberjack in the UK. Once there was an accident, Ian broke his shoulder, and he had to quit. The man was left without work, it was a strong blow for him.

“It was terrible – depression and anxiety set in, and I practically lived on my couch for years. I was so tired that I didn’t have the energy to play with the kids. I couldn’t do anything.”

Ian became a hermit, closed himself off from loved ones, drank at night, ate sandwiches – about 12 pieces a day, fast food, chips. At first, the man hid his bad habits from his family, but after 14 years of this lifestyle, everything has long become clear. He became so big that he could no longer go up to the second floor of the house – he was given a special medical bed on the ground floor. The father of two developed diabetes.

Ian has a son and a daughter who are very similar to him. The man was ashamed that he could not be a full-fledged father – excess weight severely limited his actions. Therefore, in 2020, Ian nevertheless pulled himself together and began to lose weight.

The man began by refusing nightly snacks, sweet breakfast cereals and constantly eating sandwiches. Ian gradually began to introduce physical activity – excess weight did not allow him to immediately move on to full-fledged training. As a result, in 15 months the man lost 127 kg. This is what proper motivation means.

“I am so proud. It was amazing, I missed out on so much and now I can finally catch up.”

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