He let his wife go to her friend’s birthday party for the day, and he went after her. And what did he see there?

Sashko has been married to Tanya for two years now. They have two beautiful daughters. Both of them have their favorite jobs and enjoy traveling together. Everything seems fine, but recently something’s been off. The couple met at a conference. Sashko was on a business trip, and their relationship quickly blossomed, leading to a proposal within a few months. Coincidentally, they ended up living in Tanya’s hometown, where she didn’t need to adapt much. This wasn’t the case for Sashko, as he lacked friends and acquaintances in the new city.

One day, Tanya told her husband that a friend had invited her to a birthday party and she would be back late. Sashko didn’t like this, but he didn’t voice his concerns to his wife. Lately, Tanya had been spending a lot of time with her friends. These weren’t just casual gatherings, but rather frequent outings to various places. Sauna visits, cafes, and more. Sashko was starting to feel uneasy about it. On that day, he decided to follow Tanya to a café to see who she was spending her time with. Upon arrival, he was shocked. Tanya was sitting at a table with some guy. He managed to contain his emotions to avoid causing a scene and decided to leave.

When Tanya returned home, Sashko didn’t say anything to her. He wasn’t ready for such a conversation. Additionally, he feared losing her because he loved her deeply. A few days later, his wife mentioned she would be going out with her friends again. Sashko asked her to stay home and have dinner with him. She declined, saying they had already made plans. However, three hours later, Tanya called him and asked him to come over. When Sashko arrived, he called his wife, and she told him to come up to the apartment.

It turned out that Tanya had been planning for their wedding anniversary. She had rented a beautiful apartment, set up a splendid table, and invited Sashko’s friends from his hometown. Sashko was overwhelmed with happiness. On one hand, a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders, and on the other hand, it was such a pleasant surprise.


He felt guilty for suspecting his wife and doubting her intentions. At first, she was angry with him, but then she promised to spend more time with him. By the way, the guy from the cafe was just a master of ceremonies who hosts their events. That’s the story.

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