He lived modestly with billions in his account. The fate of the old man who gave away all his money

Simon Gibson is a Scottish landowner. He impressed everyone with his generosity when he gave away in his will all his wealth – more than 100 million pounds.

The man inherited most of his fortune from his father. The family business was started by his great-uncle William Tatham, who went to sea as a cabin boy at the age of 12 and then founded the Atlantic Shipping Company, which became the largest exporter of coal mined in Wales.

William became Lord Glanly in 1916 and purchased the estate of Exning a few years later. He had a son, but he died too early, so the businessman transferred the entire fortune to his nephew George Gibson. It was from him that everything passed to Simon.

At first glance, Simon did not look like a wealthy person. He never drove or flew first class, vacationed on lakes that were close to home, drove an old car. The man never built a family, so he devoted a lot of time to charity and home stables.

The only thing that betrayed Simon’s wealth was his estate. On an area of 1776 acres, there was a stable, a veterinary clinic, a farm, 56 residential units and a chapel.

The property is valued at £50 million. 94-year-old Simon Gibson died in 2021 and left much of his fortune to charity. He distributed money to servants, relatives, schools and universities, farms, various foundations, and even retired employees of his company.

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