His wife gives birth, and he asks for a divorce: “The baby is not what I expected.”This is so excited story

Sometimes, we discover that the person we thought we had by our side isn’t who we thought they were—whether it’s a friend who wasn’t truly a friend or a partner who turns out to be unfaithful. Once we uncover the “deception,” it’s up to us to decide how to handle it. The crucial thing is not to waste precious resources on someone who doesn’t deserve them.

In this story, Feng Jian, a happily married man, had his life completely overturned by an event usually perceived as immensely joyful: the birth of a child. The “issue” for Feng was simple—the child was particularly “ugly” and, more importantly, didn’t resemble either him or his wife.

Feng began to fear the worst, suspecting that his wife had given birth to the child through an extramarital affair. Despite his wife’s attempts to dissuade him from this idea, nothing worked. In the end, the only agreement they reached was to undergo DNA tests. The truth finally emerged, but not in the way Feng expected.
There had been no infidelity, and the newborn was indeed their legitimate daughter. However, Feng’s wife had undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries in the past, long before meeting him. She had spent up to $100,000 on drastic cosmetic changes, transforming her appearance into “someone else.”

Stunned by this revelation, Feng wanted nothing more to do with his wife. Despite her recent childbirth, he requested and obtained a divorce. Not stopping there, feeling deceived, he decided to file a lawsuit against his wife. He won, and the Chinese court ordered the woman to pay her ex-husband $120,000 in compensation.

What are your thoughts on this unique story? Who do you think is right in this situation?

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