Homeless man saved dog from death, and she changed his life

To do good, it is not necessary to have a huge wallet full of money. You just need to have a big heart. Fate will always repay good people with kindness. This touching story took place in the American city of Salt Lake City.

A girl named Angela was walking down the street. Suddenly, a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk called out to her. He had a sign on which was written a request to serve him food or offer him any job. The tramp asked the girl for a cigarette. Angela treated the man.

Suddenly she noticed that in his hands he was holding a small dog. Looking closer, Angela saw that it was a Chihuahua puppy. The girl became interested in how the dog got to the man. The homeless man told a sad story. Just a couple of hours ago, a car stopped not far from him and this baby was simply thrown out of it.

Ron, that was the name of the homeless man, picked up and warmed the animal, shaking with fear and cold. The man asked Angela if she would like to take the chihuahua home with her. Ron knows what it’s like to live on the street and does not want such a fate for this pet. He didn’t ask for money.

Angela was touched by these words, but she could not take the dog. Then she came up with another solution. She took pictures of Ron and the dog, and then posted these pictures on her Facebook page. The post drew the attention of employees of one of the organizations for the protection of animal rights.

Just a few minutes after Angela posted the photo, Ron was approached by an employee of this center. Kathleen introduced herself and offered to buy a dog for fifty dollars. The man gladly gave the animal to the woman. But he flatly refused to take the money. He explained this by saying that he did not want to profit from the misfortune of others. Especially for such a tiny and cute dog. Only after the woman’s insistent requests did Ron agree and take the money.

Kathleen thanked Ron and took the chihuahua. In the center the animal was fed and watered. They even came up with a nickname – Lucky Louis. Very soon he had a new home and caring owners in the person of Lisa and her little daughter.

The animal was attached, but Kathleen could not forget good-natured Ron. This man deserved to be helped. After all, he was not just begging, the man was ready to take on any job. Even at the bottom, Ron did not despair, retained his humanity and wanted to get out.

On the charity website gofundme.com, she created a page dedicated to Ron. She wrote the story of her acquaintance with him and asked for help from caring people. There were many of them. So far, more than $6,000 has been raised. When the amount reached five thousand, Kathleen cashed out the money and handed it over to Ron. He burst into tears when he heard about how the money was received.

The first thing he did was buy a phone. Then he put himself in order and in a neat appearance went to get a job. I really want to believe that this kind person will do well.

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