How a family with 22 own children lives today,what difficulties they have to overcome

The Redford family is the largest family in the UK. Mom – Sue Redford is 44 years old, and her husband Noel is 48. Recently, the woman gave birth to 22 children, and they already have three grandchildren.

The couple opened their own bakery, older children help their parents organize her work. The state does not help the Redfords, so they cover all living expenses thanks to their small business.

Sue and Noel met at the age of 7, and at the age of 14 they were already a couple. At the moment they have 22 children, a woman gave birth to children almost every year. In 2004, the Redfords purchased their large house. The two oldest children already have families of their own and do not live with their parents.

The house has two floors, ten rooms and a cellar. Since many people live in it, everyone tries to keep order, although this is not easy. Every free space is used to make it convenient for everyone.

On the ground floor, at the entrance, there are large wardrobes with shoes and outerwear. There is a huge sofa in the living room, on which all the children can fit to watch their favorite films and programs. In the bedrooms, the children have bunk beds.

There is a treadmill in the basement that Sue bought for her husband and an 18kg washing machine that runs all the time. Every day, the mother of the family makes about 10 loads of linen and clothes. The family buys products in bulk. They all sit down at a huge table together, not in turn. Sometimes mom spends more than an hour preparing breakfast, but more often it consists of milk with cereal.

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