How a homeless man feeds hungry cats every day, staying hungry himself

Love for animals is one of the human qualities that ennobles the heart and heals the soul. The man, whose name is Long Dum, is a resident of Thailand. This person does not have a personal home, he lives on the territory of the station. However, a man constantly takes care of animals, buys food for them, gives them warmth and kindness.

Every day, seven days a week, Long Doom works tirelessly to buy food for his charges. A man sells limes under the scorching sun, in a downpour and a thunderstorm, he does not stop working under any circumstances. All this in order to feed his friends. If a man makes very little profit for a working day, then first of all he buys food for animals.

Long Dum may remain hungry himself, but he will certainly feed his wards. The thing is that a man considers them his family, the only close creatures in the whole world. Therefore, he took responsibility for their lives. Long Dum became popular thanks to one woman, her name is Varunya. It was she who told about him on the Internet. The girl was greatly impressed by the inscription on the bag of limes – “20 baht for limes is the money that I will spend to feed stray cats today.”

When information about this sensitive and noble man spread through the network, people began to help him. Some went to buy limes, others started donating money for cat food. Also, people brought clothes for the man and even paid for him to go to the hairdresser. With a new haircut, the man again went to sell limes in order to earn money for his many pets.

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