How a man lives with his wife, who suffers from severe depression: Here is the proof of real love

Depression is considered one of the most common diseases on earth and every day many users of social networks talk about the unpleasant experience of their experiences. Much less often on the Internet you can see the stories of those who have experienced not their own disorder, but the problems of loved ones.

Facebook user from Malaysia Najmi Navovi decided to correct the injustice and shared a detailed story of overcoming mental illness, which he experienced with his wife. The woman suffers from depression and anxiety and has been unable to cope with her mood since the birth of two children.

Najmi’s story began briefly: problems in the family appeared when the woman told her psychiatrist that she no longer wanted to live. If you still did not believe in true love, then Navovi, judging by his words, is one of those husbands who are able to convince you of the opposite.

It was an important moment in our lives, because it was then that we began the real battle with depression. I had to deal with this problem because she is my wife. She relies on me, I have to help her. What matters to me is that I am a husband and I am responsible for the healing of my wife.

For the next four years, Najmi spent more time in hospitals than at work. Every time his wife needed a psychiatric consultation, he personally went with the woman to the clinic and held her hand. Navovi repeated the ritual with a handshake even when his wife took medicine.

Attempts to save the family and achieve the recovery of his beloved were not easy for the man. The woman was not a calm patient: her perception of the world was different than that of those around her, so Najmi had to earn her love, again and again, every day and prove her own.

She constantly felt useless and thought people hated her and used her. She was sure that no one pays attention to her, and does not love her. She thought she was better off dead.

At the time of remission, the clouds dispersed, but the spouses had to pay for the bright days.

Doctors gave her the antidepressant Sertraline. At some point she started to feel better and we decided to stop taking it. Apparently, this was a mistake, because the doctors scolded us for taking the initiative.

Najmi Nawawi

There were days when even medicines did not help a woman. In one of these, her husband had to face a real rage.

Let me tell you what happened when my wife had a panic attack. Screaming and yelling is normal, but she slammed her fist on the room door with all her might, so that it broke it. She seemed to lose her mind and tried to hit me with a key.

Two young daughters observed each of the stages of their mother’s illness and, according to their father, often understood what was happening.

What about children? Of course, it affected them too. But they are also a stimulus for our struggle. It’s like sacrificing in the name of love. I hope that one day they will be proud that their mother managed to survive depression.

Despite numerous difficulties, Najmi did not give up. He found the strength not only to overcome his wife’s illness but also not to stop loving her because of outbursts of anger and lack of home peace. Unfortunately, the family’s struggle is not over yet.

I love my wife and my children. I will not let depression destroy my family and I promise that as we overcome the difficulties, we will only become stronger.

At the end of the post, the man shared his advice for those who find themselves in a similar situation. According to him, depression is not a reason to laugh and can be hidden even behind the smile of a loved one. Najmi urges people to be attentive and remain steadfast for timely assistance.

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