How Jackie Chan’s wife looks at her 68

It is unlikely that there will be at least one person who has never watched Jackie Chan films. The actor and athlete in one person never used the services of understudies and stuntmen, performing all the tricks on their own. And his boundless charisma invariably charged the viewer with positive when watching any film with the participation of Jackie.

But not many have seen the actor’s wife, because he practically does not share personal pictures with the public. However, Jackie decided to make an exception in honor of his wife’s 68th birthday and put up a few joint photos with her.

To say that netizens were amazed is an understatement. Despite the fact that Jackie himself is a year younger than his wife, she looked nearby, like his daughter or even granddaughter. A slender, graceful woman simply radiated freshness and charm.

Subscribers vying with each other began to ask for a recipe for “eternal youth”, and many noticed that even the most expensive and modern plastic is not able to give such an effect. What do you think about the appearance of the actor’s wife? How old would she be given at first glance?

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