How much the girls have changed who came to the world holding each others’ hands

These angels came to the world a few years ago and became famous all over the world. The fact is that Jenna and Gillian were born holding each other’s hands. They have already grown up, and today they are the closest, and the most dear.

Such a case is very rare. They were born in one amniotic sac inside the mother’s uterus for two, which is extremely dangerous for twins, often such cases end in the death of one of them. The difference between the girls is literally a few seconds, and when they were born, everyone in the hall was speechless, because the little ones were holding hands.

As the mother of the twins recalls: “When I saw this, my heart melted, and my husband had tears in his eyes. Even the hospital staff was touched.”

“There is some kind of inexplicable connection between the girls. They are always together and often hold hands. If you try to separate them or do something with each of them separately, they begin to sob. They simply cannot be without each other, ”says Sarah, the mother of the girls. The babies are so similar that mom and dad often confuse them, but not Jackson: he always knows who is Jenna and who is Gillian, and corrects his parents if they were wrong.

Now Jenna and Jillian are already 7 years old. They are friendly and very close. Girls often even behave almost the same, so mom compares them to two peas from one pod. Both Jenna and Gillian prefer the same food.

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