How the cubs were rescued inspite of all risks

An exciting story took place in Canada. A bear with her two cubs decided to cross the reservoir before the cold came, and it would be dangerous to cross the ice.
At first, they calmly began to move n the water together, and then the young of bear began to fail to keep up.

The mother did not notice the lagging behind of the young bears, moved along in to the shore and started to shake herself off. And the cubs were fatigued and could no longer move along in.
At this time, a boat with fishermen sailed near them. The fishermen noticed the cubs and decided to help them.

We swam up to the cubs, but did not know how to pull them out of the water and put them in the boat. The cubs swam up to the boat, but they couldn’t get there.
And then the fishermen decided to raise cubs with the help of large fishing nets. They did it with great difficulty. And then it was necessary to swim to the shore and land the cubs.

Bear, noticing all this, began to get nervous and walk back and forth. And it was not safe to approach her. Then they decided to swim to the shore and wait for the she-bear to move away a little.
They did so and landed the young bears. The fishermen succeeded in saving the baby bears,inspite of the risk that threatened their lives.

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