How the Estonian rescuers saved a dog that turned out to be a wolf

Three men named Erki Vali, Robin Sillamäe, and Rando Karcepp worked to deepen the bottom of the local Pärnu river. Then they saw how a four-legged animal, similar in appearance to a dog, was drowning in a river.

The dog crossed the river, covered with a layer of ice, but failed, and now could die without outside participation. The men pulled the poor fellow out, wrapped him in a towel, and took him to the car to warm him. Since the dog was completely exhausted, she was carried in her arms. The animal had a decent weight.

Rescuers went to the veterinary clinic. All the way, the dog slept, putting his head on his knees to one of the men who saved him. The doctors conducted a detailed examination and doubted that the dog was in front of them.

Usually, they do not have such a hard coat and their weight is much less. To finally make sure of their guesses, the cynic workers invited a hunter for advice. The man confirmed that in front of them was a one-year-old male wolf.

The wolf let him get closer only because he no longer had the strength to resist. The animals were observed for the next few days and released into the wild, wearing a special collar – a GPS tracker. By the way, all this time that the wolf was in the clinic, he never behaved aggressively, but rather showed gratitude to people for his salvation

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