How the family lives today that survived the tsunami in 2004

The force of nature is often merciless. Tornadoes, floods, tsunamis claim thousands of lives. This happened in 2004 in Thailand. A wave of incredible size and strength covered everything around, killing 230 thousand people. Survivors include the Alvarez-Belon family from Spain. Just imagine, the parents and their three sons came to rest for the Christmas holidays, and fell under the destructive force of the elements.

The water surged so strongly, there was so much of it, that it carried people away in different directions. For two days they tried to find each other.After 8 years, this terrifying and incredible story of the struggle for survival was taken as the basis for the film “The Impossible”.

How does the Alvarez-Belon family live now?Having survived all this horror, these people fully felt how important mutual assistance, support and faith in their own strength are. Therefore, each of them chose the path of helping other people.

Father Enrique Alvarez became a volunteer and now helps refugees. The eldest son Lucas decided to become a doctor, and now works in one of the hospitals in London. The middle son Thomas was educated in America, and he is sure that people should unite in order to change the modern world for the better.

As for the younger Simon, he has yet to decide on a profession. But he knows for sure that she will be connected with helping others. Mother, Maria Belon, calls that tragedy fateful, because if they managed to survive in it, then their mission on this earth has not yet been completed.

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