How the life of the dogs changed after shelter

After Steve Craig’s beloved dog died, he grieved and felt depressed for a long time. And then he realized that he had to find another dog and give her a good life. But it doesn’t have to be just a dog. Craig came to one of the dog shelters in Denver, Colorado, and said that he wanted to adopt some older dogs because they are the ones most often forgotten. Some time has passed since then, and now Steve is the “father” of ten adult dogs, which made him an insanely popular guy on Instagram and brought him 478,000 followers.

Every morning Steve gets up at 5 o’clock and starts preparing breakfast for himself and his friends. Each dog has its own diet because some of them are already in poor health and need not only food but also medicines.
“They are very smart and wise,” says Craig. – It’s like a person: you reach wisdom by a certain age. They know very well who they are. Thanks to their worldly wisdom, they are perfectly able to establish contact with both people and other animals.

I am pleased with the realization that they are well aware that they are taken care of, that they are loved. These animals know how to show gratitude, and this is the most sincere gratitude in its purest form. Whatever I do – if I work or just sit down – I always have a few of my four-legged buddies spinning around me. They are always ready to keep me company and show that I am not alone.”

In addition to dogs, Craig’s house is home to a domestic pig named Bikini, several chickens and ducks, as well as pigeons and cats. According to the man, now he no longer has extra space in his house, but in the future he plans to increase it in order to shelter more elderly dogs.

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