How the life of these cute puppies changed after rescue

The Ohio Humane Society received a call last weekend that a family of dogs needed help. Shelter manager Jane McMurphy and an animal rights agent arrived at the address to find a mother with two puppies living in poor conditions. the owners did not care about the dogs and the dogs learned to fully rely on each other. The makeshift paddock was full of garbage, and the puppies were unsociable. The owners handed over the 5-month-old cubs and their 7-year-old mother, Lady, to rescuers who took the dogs to the shelter.

In the shelter, the puppies were named Peach and Leila. Physically, they were almost healthy, but seemed very insecure – the kids did not know what to do without their mother. The rescuers were touched when they saw Peach and Layla, comforting each other, hugging.

“We vaccinated and checked their health,” McMurphy said. “They need time to relax, get used to people and learn to trust,” says McMurphy. “They do much better when mom is around, so we work with the whole family together and with each one individually. It’s a slow process, but they are learning to be strong “.

Now, a few days after her rescue, the Lady is already confident – she is ready to go out and meet new people. However, for her two puppies, the socialization process will take a little longer. “They are extremely dependent on each other,” rescuers say.

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