How the veterinarian calmed down the injured dog after fire

The photo captured the moment when the veterinarian was comforting a dog in need of human compassion. The dog fell into the epicenter of the fire and only thanks to a miracle remained alive. The animal was badly damaged by the fire, but it was found in time and taken to the doctors. The veterinarians performed a complex operation, thanks to which the animal was saved.

The veterinarians’ patient, Taka, an 8-year-old shiba uno, was very badly injured by the fire, so as soon as he got to the clinic, he was immediately sent to the operating table. The doctor Emily Martin took up the rescue of the dog, who made every possible effort, but they paid off and Taka’s life was out of danger.

The recovery was long and Taka became a frequent guest of the clinic. Emily fell in love with her patient very much, over time, Taka began to show mutual sympathy for her. Taka’s owners have agreed to leave their pet in a rehabilitation clinic. There were no employees at the clinic for the night, so Emily was worried that her patient would be lonely. The vet decided to take the dog home. Throughout the night, the girl calmed Taka and monitored his condition, so when they both returned to the clinic in the morning, Emily was very tired.

During her break, Emily decided to take a break and found Taka’s kennel to be the best place to do so. The girl lay down next to the dog to calm the nervous patient and immediately fell asleep. Emily’s colleague could not pass by such a touching sight and took some photos that show that veterinarians love their C patients with all their hearts.

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