I haven’t held my newborn baby for a long time and when I did, tears filled my eyes – a very touching story

Poor Svitla, this scoundrel will send her to the other world. In five years, he impregnated her four times. And again, it’s his doing! Maria Yegorivna exclaimed in frustration. “Children are the flowers of life. They are young; let them enjoy themselves,” the neighbor chimed in. “Does Petro love Svitlana?” she asked. “Oh yes, he loves her… He just can’t control himself,” Maria Yegorivna responded. “He should have a little self-control. She can’t handle this; she hardly sleeps or eats anymore.” “You should help her! You have so much strength; it’s hard to find someone as robust as you,” her neighbor advised.

The roar of a motorcycle engine interrupted their conversation. Petro jumped off the bike and ran into the house, shouting, “Mom, it’s done! I’ve taken my wife to the maternity hospital! This time it’ll definitely be a boy, the ultrasound showed it.” “We’ll see… Doctors are not gods. You’re only good at making girls, but my Svitlana needs a break,” his mother sighed. “I’m doing everything right. It’s your Svitlana who keeps giving birth to girls,” he retorted angrily. “Stop being rude! If she asks you for a glass of water a hundred times, you should provide it. From you, from the men, we can’t expect anything,” his mother scolded him.

Petro wanted to impress them but was interrupted by a call on his mobile phone. “Quick delivery? Is everything okay? Who was born?” his mother inquired. The call was broken. From the conversation, his mother learned that the child was born with great difficulty. A girl! “Look closely! Your husband said it would be a boy,” Yegorivna laughed. She chuckled while Petro rushed to the phone again. He called the maternity hospital ten times, asking whom Svitlana Ignatova had given birth to, and after each “girl,” he sighed. His mother decided to tease him and said it was another girl. Petro rushed out on his old motorcycle. He called the reception desk for about 15 minutes to get a precise answer.

The young nurse listened to his story and laughed. She asked him to look through the third window on the second floor. When the pitiful Petro did so, he saw his Lyuba. She smiled and said something. However, the newly-made dad couldn’t hear anything.

His wife turned the baby toward the window. It was hard not to notice her dignity. Petro circled around in surprise and started crying again. “An heir! Everyone heard,” the whole neighborhood exclaimed. Passersby smiled and wished the baby a happy life and good health!

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