“I heard the sound of a little boy crying from the garden; I was surprised by what I saw when I approached him.”

I was coming back from work and decided to walk through the park. It was almost nine o’clock, and it was getting dark.
Suddenly, right on the path, I saw a stroller. It was incredible that someone could forget something so big. Was a young mom so busy that she forgot her stroller? I also noticed a little child inside.

She ran towards me, and I hugged her, bought her something to eat, and went to the store to talk about the baby. After sorting everything out, Ost Ikan asked me to take the baby home until the parents were found. I brought her to our place. My husband and two daughters were delighted to see her. The next evening, everything became clear. Her mother was pregnant and had fallen due to a stroke.

The child didn’t understand and distanced themselves. The mother was found late, but they managed to save both her and the child’s life. Her husband followed. He even offered us money, but I declined.

The newborn was given my name, Maria. Now, our families are very close. My husband and I have bonded with their baby.

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