“I married my stepfather, and it was the best decision I ever made.”This story was shocked me.

Family is a collection of very close and profound bonds and relationships. We are born and spend a significant part of our lives alongside the people who brought us into this world, supporting us until we can “stand on our own feet.”

Most of the time, fortunately, things go well: we get along with our loved ones, or we keep fond memories of them. In today’s story, we’ll talk about a very “special” father-daughter relationship: their love went viral on the web because it went a bit beyond paternal love.

Christy is a newlywed woman in Las Vegas. In a video circulating on the web (which you can see in the first photo), she immortalizes the moment she celebrates her union with her man by giving him the famous kiss that “seals” the event. The video has been viewed more than 18 million times and has received numerous comments from internet users.

There’s nothing strange in what can be seen in this video; it’s simply a normal and classic wedding ceremony with the accompanying festivities. However, the individuals united by the bonds of marriage were far from ordinary: indeed, in the video, you can see the caption added by Christy, which reads: “Marrying my stepdad is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Naturally, the video caused a sensation on the net: many astonished internet users commented, “There are 7 billion people in the world, why your stepdad?!” One wrote, “I don’t think I can find a situation where this event is justifiable, and where one can say that there is nothing wrong,” wrote another disgusted user. These are just a few of the many criticisms Christy received, but one thing is certain: the majority of users did not approve of her story (in every sense of the term).

Some even wondered how Christy’s mother reacted, given that she is the ex-wife of the man Christy just married. So, the young woman decided to post a video in which she also explains this delicate subject: “My mom understood and supported me; we still talk, and we have a good relationship.” Christy also wanted to clarify other details: her stepdad didn’t raise her, and she was already an adult when they met.

The newlyweds have started a family (as seen in the second photo) and declare themselves very happy. In the end, love always triumphs. What do you think of this story? Are you on Christy’s side and her choice, or on the side of the internet users who criticized her so much?

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