“I returned home a little earlier and, unexpectedly, saw unfamiliar clothing in our hallway. I called my husband, and he quickly came out of our bedroom.”

All I remember from my own childhood is my mother constantly working and always tired. It so happened that she raised me alone. At one point, she couldn’t forgive my father’s betrayal and not only kicked him out of our house but also out of our lives. She didn’t want him to ever return to live with us.

No one asked me back then whether I wanted to communicate with my own father or not; my mother made all the decisions for me, thinking it was for the best. Our life afterward was very challenging. I still remember how tough it was because we never had enough money. Even back then, I understood what it was like to grow up in an incomplete family. When everyone at school kept reminding me every day that I didn’t have a father, and it wasn’t clear where I came from, I decided that I wouldn’t repeat my mother’s mistakes.

My husband comes from a well-off family, and he earns well himself. As soon as I saw him, I immediately realized he was my destiny. Intelligent, prosperous, confident—everything I dreamt of in a future father of my children. Nature blessed me with good looks, and there were no issues with my intellect. It seemed like we were meant for each other by God.

I effortlessly captured his attention, and soon we became husband and wife. We worked hard together, sparing neither time nor effort, all for our shared well-being. We worked this way until I found out that I had been expecting a child for over a week.

My husband was overjoyed when he heard the news and immediately showered me with his care and attention. I felt like the happiest woman in the world back then. Of course, during those months when I was expecting a child, I gained weight considerably, and constant fatigue took its toll on me.

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