I was 20 years old when my husband left my children, but now they have found their father and said these words

The story of my life is quite intricate. At 25, after finishing university, I got married to a good guy, and we started living together harmoniously. Two years later, I gave birth to our daughter, Anya. We spent seven years together, and everything seemed fine:

a loving husband, a daughter, a job with an average salary, a mortgage, daily routines. But it was all so dull. I felt like I was stuck in a rut. That’s why when a wealthy and charming Italian man, 17 years my senior, appeared on the horizon, I didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity.

At the time, I was working as a consultant at a travel agency, and he was a regular client. I could sense his attraction, so I didn’t let this chance slip away. When our affair began, he gave me an ultimatum: “It’s either me or your husband and child.” I chose him, and we flew to Italy together. My daughter was five at the time, and when the affair was revealed, my husband forbade me from seeing her. For the next 15 years, my life seemed like a fairy tale, but my heart ached for my daughter.

Paulo and I traveled to nearly every corner of the world, and it felt like our happiness would last forever. However, a year ago, he passed away from a heart attack. I was left with a substantial sum of money but without my beloved.

The majority of his estate went to his children from his first marriage. Now, I’m forty-seven, and I have no one in this world who’s truly mine. From acquaintances, I’ve learned that my daughter is married with grandchildren already. I have a strong desire to find her and reconcile, but everyone says she hates me. What should I do?

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