I was very surprised that my girlfriend didn’t like the maternity gift. This may sound strange to you, but after reading this you will understand everything.

I have a friend, Lena, who recently gave birth to a wonderful baby. When I visited her to meet the baby, Lena expressed dissatisfaction with the gift she received at the hospital.

I, myself, gave birth in a private maternity clinic, where I received no gifts. I covered all the expenses—delivery, room, and medications. I was surprised to hear Lena’s discontent, considering she gave birth for free in a public maternity hospital.

Why did Lena expect a gift? In the past, no one gave or anticipated such gifts at maternity wards. Having a child is a conscious decision, and parents should be financially prepared.
If relying solely on government assistance, it might be better for parents to secure stable employment and housing before having a child,

rather than later complaining about the quality of gifts received.

Do you agree with me?

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