I wasn’t ready: A mother’s frank post about loving the baby she didn’t want

On her Instagram page, the mother of two posted a candid post about how she learned to love an unplanned child. The recognition of Olivia Bowens caused a strong reaction among users and provoked a new round of controversy about the difficulties of motherhood. In her story, Olivia admitted that she always wanted children, but did not plan to become a mother at 21

At that time, she was in her last year of study. Therefore, her head was occupied with her studies and plans for the future, but not with thoughts about motherhood. In a few days, the post gained almost 15 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Bowens herself did not think that her confession would provoke such a reaction.


She was particularly struck by the negative and judgmental comments from users. She was accused of hatred for children, dislike for them. They called her a bad mother, an egoist who has no maternal feelings. Fortunately, among the haters there were those who understood her urge. They were mostly women who recognized themselves in Olivia.

They, too, once faced a difficult choice. And they perfectly understand what Bowens was experiencing. Olivia raised a relevant topic that is worth discussing. After all, things in life don’t always go according to plan. And there are many people in the world who, at a certain stage of their lives, were not going to become parents.

But it happened. And in the process, they realized that they had done the right thing. This is exactly what Olivia was trying to convey when she wrote an emotional post about how she fell in love with a daughter, whose birth she did not plan.

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