“‘I will keep on giving birth’: American mother of 21 children shares pictures of her family.”

In america, there is a woman named Eleonora who is 44 years old and has already given birth to 21 children. The birth of children is always a great joy for parents, grandparents, and families in general, contributing to the improvement of the country’s demographics, as some network followers express after photos of this family surfaced.

![Eleonora and her family](When Eleonora was asked if she plans to have more children, she replied that if God grants it, she will not refuse. She explained to journalists that they are religious and would never turn away a child destined to be born. Of course, having so many children is not easy, and opinions among followers are divided. Many admire the parents, while others express astonishment and ask Eleonora if she regrets her decision.

![Eleonora and her family](Some commenters note that Eleonora looks much older than her years, emphasizing the care and responsibility involved in raising such a large number of children. The concerns raised include the challenges of not only giving birth but also providing for, educating, and raising the children. However, as parents in large families often share, they claim that everything is nearly organized.

![Eleonora and her family](Older children assist in caring for the younger ones, and household responsibilities are shared among family members. In such families, the children are known to be close-knit and adept at caring for both each other and their parents. Let’s wish this family all the best, and the heroic mother health and patience.

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