In 4th grade, he made a promise to a girl with Down syndrome. And 7 years later he kept it

Ben and Mary were in the same class in elementary school. From the second grade, the guy looked after his classmate, who was sick with Down syndrome. Despite the fact that Mary is a sweet and sympathetic girl, the children most often shunned her. In 4th grade, Ben and Mary have already become friends.

The guy always tried to involve his girlfriend in all activities. When he saw that Mary was bored, he took her to play football with him, having previously persuaded his teammates to let the girl score a goal, because she sincerely rejoices at every success.

At 4 class, when Ben and Mary were best friends, he promised his girlfriend that they would go to prom together. But fate decreed that Mary had to leave for another city and study at a new school. Mary managed to find herself in a new educational institution.

She became a kit and equipment purchasing manager for the local football team. This sport was very close to her. And Ben continued to play for the team at his school. And by the will of the same case, when the interscholastic competitions were held, Ben and Mary met again.

Their friendship was no longer separated. Mary’s parents and her brother were very touched. After all, they understood that many people shun their beautiful baby, despite the fact that she is a very easy-to-communicate person.

And Ben said that he just couldn’t help but keep his word. Because Mary really is the best friend he’s ever had. She is very sincere, cheerful, and it is very easy to get along with her.

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