Indian unique boy : The young man learned to twist his arms and legs at any angle

The time is not far off when Yash Shah will submit an official application to the Guinness Book of Records to become a world champion. The question is, in what discipline? Formally, he has already established dozens of achievements, surpassing not only athletes, but actually human nature itself. But the editors of were more surprised not by this, but by the philosophy of the 19-year-old Indian genius.

Yash Shah is a late child, his parents were already over 40 when he was born, and he has no brothers and sisters. But the boy did not grow up spoiled, on the contrary, he studies diligently and trains for three hours a day. Unlike other “folk talents”, Yash does not live by the dream of becoming famous and becoming rich, exercise and tricks are his favorite hobby, but nothing more.

The young man is a future IT specialist and uses a rational, methodical approach in his training. He is self-taught and proud of the fact that he has never been injured while changing his body. Indian boy can turn his head 180 degrees like an owl. His arms and shoulders bend and rotate 360 ​​degrees at every joint. Turn your wrist or fingers backwards? It’s easy, and Yash’s shoulders can turn almost at any angle.

He is not at all sure that there is somewhere a limit to the flexibility of the human body, because over the years of his training and observing the masters, he realized that there is only a new task, and its solution is a matter of diligence and time.It all started when the boy saw the performance of American acrobat Daniel Browning Smith on YouTube and was fascinated by how effectively he circumvents the limitations that people have in using their bodies.

Yash began to train, studying videos, he never had a teacher, and therefore the guy developed his mind-boggling body control technique. He has already won several awards and now he wants to combine all his skills to make something big and glorify his country. He himself will have enough of the official entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

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