Jack began to notice that his daughter often ran away from home. And one day he decided to follow her. he will never forget what he saw that day

After the death of his wife, Ivan was left alone with his daughter. They lived in a village in a sturdy house surrounded by a large piece of land. This story occurred when was 9 years old. started noticing that his daughter was often absent from home, wandering around. She could be gone for long periods, which worried him. The issue was that they didn’t have neighbors nearby, and there were no other children for to play with. Their house was situated on the outskirts of the village.

He began to ask questions, but she would simply say she was playing in the garden. Her response didn’t reassure him, so he decided to check for himself. The next time left home, he decided to follow her discreetly, so she wouldn’t notice. Keeping a certain distance, he walked behind her. Unexpectedly, led him to an old house, located at the very edge of their land.

This house had belonged to his parents before. It had been empty for the past 20 years. When approached the house, the door mysteriously opened. Ivan entered behind her. was sitting with an elderly woman at a table with modest refreshments. The woman was initially frightened and tried to escape, but Ivan prevented her.

Here, they all began to talk. It turned out that children had driven Maria, the elderly woman, out of her own home, leaving her homeless. She wandered onto their land and settled in the old house.

found her there and felt sorry for her, so she would visit her often and bring her food. Ivan allowed the woman to continue living there and even started helping her himself.

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