“Jack finally received a positive result on the paternity test, but what was revealed after that nearly knocked him off his feet.”

Four years into their marriage, and Amalia had a son. A few months later, began to suspect his wife of infidelity. The reason was some rather flirtatious messaging with a certain that Amalia was engaged in, which Igor accidentally discovered on her phone.

She was flirting with her correspondent, and both Amalia and made quite suggestive hints, even sharing photos. Not explicit or nude, but their poses were suggestive. Furthermore, Igor believed that their newborn son resembled more than himself.

Igor decided to seek the truth and proposed that Amalia undergo a paternity test, using her messages with as evidence. However, his wife vehemently refused, acting as if she were deeply offended. She said, “If you doubt me, my faithfulness to you, or that this is your biological son, then file for divorce and leave.” Igor didn’t leave, but he also didn’t give up on his intentions. With patience and gentle persuasion, he convinced his wife to agree to the test.

The day of the test results arrived, and to Igor’s immense relief, the test confirmed that he was the baby’s biological father with a one hundred percent likelihood. Amalia, with a tone of sarcasm and bitterness, said, “So, are you satisfied now, you uncouth brute? You didn’t trust me, your own wife!

You must get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness for such baseless suspicions. Why are you silent? Have nothing to say in your defense?” Energized by his victory, she continued her tirade, but Igor interrupted her.

He asked, “So, are you saying you doubted me, too, despite being confident that I am the father?” Amalia suddenly stopped her rant, realizing that she had just contradicted herself.

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