Jennifer Aniston gave up and started Instagram. How did her colleagues react

Ever since the advent of social media, the Friends star has refused to create personal accounts. She did not want to put her personal life on display. But something or someone made her change her mind. And now fans of the star can see her on the Internet.

By the way, she published the first photo with her closest friends. And immediately received more than 8 million likes. Yes, Jen, we’ve been waiting for you!

Jennifer in such a simple way made happy not only her fans but also her colleagues.

And serial husband David Schwimmer was also quick to greet the actress on Instagram. He, like Garner, took Lego “Friends” figures and put them together at the synthesizer. The funny thing is that it was the character Jennifer Rachel who advised Ross (David Schwimmer) to perform his musical program in public in order to make fun of him.

It is possible that it was Courteney Cox who convinced Jen to start Instagram. She has long been an active user of the social network along with Lisa Kudrow. Girls are not shy about posting photos without make-up or with twisted faces.

Another friend of Jen, actress Sarah Foster, was insanely happy about her appearance on social networks.

And dozens of Jen’s friends welcomed the actress to IG. She greeted everyone with the help of stories.

Among the six Friends, only Matthew Perry remained impregnable. For now, only Twitter is enough for him, but who knows, Monica knows how to “persuade”.

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