Jennifer Lopez admitted for the first time why Ben Affleck always has such a displeased expression on his face

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez has finally addressed the concerned expression on her husband Ben Affleck’s face, which has garnered excessive paparazzi attention.

Following a public dispute on the 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony, memes circulated on social media featuring Affleck’s displeased face. Users even coined the term “happy face” for his expression. Since their marriage, people humorously suggest that Affleck’s life turned into chaos.

An incident during a kiss, where Affleck seemingly glanced at his phone, also sparked discussions. Jennifer decided to explain the real reason behind her husband’s seemingly sad expression.
According to the artist, it’s merely an unfortunate angle, and they don’t have any disagreements. She shared this information during the 2024 Golden Globe Awards ceremony.

“Ben is doing great. You don’t need to worry about Ben. He’s doing fantastic. He’s like, ‘I’m on Chile!’ I’m relaxed, and I don’t understand why people are so concerned about this,” Jennifer Lopez confessed.

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