Johanna Kwaas continues to do exercises on the uneven bars with ease despite her age

The flexibility of 95-year-old Johanna Kwaas can be envied even by an 18-year-old person. A grandmother from Germany performs the most difficult gymnastic exercises on uneven bars. It is not surprising that Johanna got into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest gymnast on the planet.

Johanna Kwaas is 95 years old. This amazing woman is not just a long-liver, she is an athlete. Being at an older age, a German woman does gymnastics every day in the gym, has time to go to the pool and dance! Of course, nowadays more and more people are promoting a healthy lifestyle, and therefore they are actively exercising even in old age.

But to see a person doing gymnastics at 95 is something from the realm of fantasy. In addition, Johanna does not just do morning exercises or go for a light jog, she performs a complex set of gymnastic exercises. For such a colossal work, it is necessary to stretch every day, pay attention to strengthening the muscles, evenly loading them.

It is interesting that the athlete got acquainted with gymnastics as a child. At the age of nine, she won the first competition in this sport. Later, Kwaas took a huge break from gymnastics, and resumed them only at the age of fifty-six. For almost forty years, this amazing woman has been able to perform a set of exercises every day, enjoying it. Johanna Kwaas has been happily married for over fifty years. She gave birth to three daughters.

When the athlete was 90, she fulfilled the dream of her life by skydiving.It seems that there are no barriers for Johanna Kwaas. She sets unrealistic goals for her age and successfully achieves them

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