Jane, as the head of the parent committee, went to see the student who was absent from school for several days. He was amazed when he saw it all

hanna was a member of the parent committee for her daughter’s 4th-grade class. One day, her daughter’s teacher called and asked her to visit a classmate of her daughter’s who had been absent from school for a long time. The teacher gave Hanna some money and requested that she buy groceries, preferably on a budget but more than usual, for the family of due to their difficult financial situation.

When Hanna found the required apartment, she realized that the doorbell wasn’t working. She knocked, and a frosty child opened the door. Kateryna invited her in, where she saw Olena feeding her younger sister with soaked bread. asked about their mother’s whereabouts, and she informed her that she was on a trip and would return soon.

Aganna noticed that there was no food in the kitchen. She laid out all the groceries on the table and offered the girls a proper meal.She ate calmly, trying not to appear overly eager to avoid creating a bad impression. Hanna also noticed the absence of beds in the apartment, only mattresses on the floor without bedding. Clothes were strewn on the floor since there was no furniture. The kids were semi-clothed despite the cold in the apartment.

The door to the bathroom was broken, and there was no toilet; instead, a pipe was covered with a makeshift lid. hanna informed the teacher about the situation and explained that the mother had been away for days, and the children were left to fend for themselves. Occasionally, their biological father would provide some money.

hanna felt sorry for the children and started visiting them frequently, bringing groceries and clothing. The mother was often absent, and hanna offered her a job, but she declined and continued her absence. One day, she disappeared for two months, so hanna reported the situation to the police out of concern for the children’s welfare.

When the authorities took the children, their mother decided to talk to her husband about adoption. Their living conditions and financial situation allowed them to become foster parents. They spent about half a year gathering the necessary documents, and eventually, they brought the girls home.

By the time hanna was in the 5th grade, she had transformed into a different child, trying not to dwell on her past life. The love and care from her new parents could work wonders and even heal emotional wounds. Hanna daughter was delighted to have new sisters, and the three girls quickly bonded and became like one big family.

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