Kirstie Alley is 70 years old. What does the actress look like after losing 40 kg

Kirstie Alley is often referred to as the queen of Hollywood comedies. She has many film roles behind her, which the audience loves and revisits even years later, these are Star Trek, Robot Riot, Who Would Talk, Merry Company, etc. It used to be that the actress did not fit at all into the accepted standards of Hollywood beauty, but she has always been bright, memorable and eccentric. Of course, over the years her beauty has changed, but the woman has not lost her zest.

As the actress herself admits, she has always been inclined to be overweight. Throughout her adult life, she tried to keep herself in shape, constantly dieting and losing weight. But at some point, the weight became uncontrollable.

At first, Kirsty went to extreme measures, she began to take diet pills, of dubious quality, but as soon as she stopped doing this, the weight returned again. As a result, grueling workouts and, of course, a properly balanced diet helped her lose weight.

The actress lost 40 kilograms and was able to return to her previous shape. From a plump old woman, she turned into a luxurious woman and this, in fact, is very inspiring.

Despite her 70 years, Kirstie Ally looks great and much younger than her years!

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