Knowing about my pregnancy, I rushed to my mother’s ․․․ But she kicked me out, so I went to my mother-in-law’s.

I was born and raised in a village. In school, I always stood out for my intelligence and talent. When I finished school, my parents sent me to the city to attend university.

My friend, whom I started dating in the final year, also moved to the city but for work. A few years later, I graduated, my friend served in the army and came back, and we got married. The day I had to announce my pregnancy to my husband, he didn’t come home; he left forever. A tragic accident took my husband’s life.

I was alone for a month, contemplating how to continue living. I decided to return to my parents; I would live there until the birth of my baby, and then my mother would help me, and I would work.
– “Have you decided to embarrass us? We sent you to study; no one asked you to get married. No one knows that you got married in the city; everyone will think these are fairy tales. If you get rid of the child, then you can come home.” I didn’t expect such words from my mother. I left home and started walking to the bus stop. At that moment, thoughts of abortion were in my head, but I really didn’t want to go through with it.

Suddenly, a thought came to me – what if I go to Arsen’s mother and tell her I’m pregnant? But I was afraid of hurting the woman who lost her only son.

I knocked on the door; Arsen’s sister opened it and invited me in. I sat down and immediately told her why I had left. One could only see the reaction of that poor woman. It seemed like she came back to life. The woman with the headscarf started smiling, Arsen’s sister and mother hugged me and kissed me.

A few months later, my son was born. We named him Arsen. Arsen’s grandmother and aunt adore him, and I am grateful to have gained a family, treating my child with love. I lost my mother, but in return, I gained more loved ones.

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