Life with three wives and nine children: Look how they live

Former American firefighter Jermaine Rockmore, who just turned 41, is thrice happy. And all because Jeremy has three wives at once, which makes him the father of nine cubs.

The wives – Angelica , Leanne  , and Maria get along well under the same roof and run a joint household.

Jermain became a father at the age of 16 and now his eldest son is 25. The relationship didn’t work out and they broke up pretty quickly.

When the brave Jermain was 19, he was officially married for the first time. With his wife Angelina, they immediately agreed that there would be no monogamy in their lives.

And so, three years later, Leanne appeared in their family, who worked as a manager in a supermarket. In 2001, they started living together as one family.

At some point, Rockmore got bored and decided to look for a third wife. He registered on a dating site and in 2015 met his third wife Maria there.

After several meetings, Maria agreed to become a member of this unusual family. They all say they are happy, and the head of the family confidently declares that monogamy was invented for insecure people.

“We are told that to be completely happy, you have to meet someone who will become our only love for us and will spend our whole life with us”, explains the polygamist, and this approach to the family model is categorically not suitable for him.

“My women remind me of a team of warriors who support me in everything,” says Rockmore.

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