“Like from another planet: fashion brands vie for the attention of a Tibetan alien model.”

Like from another planet: fashion brands compete for the attention of a Tibetan alien model. The fashion world now follows different rules. You won’t surprise anyone with body positivity, let alone with the classic “cute” faces.

But when the model Tsunaina appears on the runway, thousands of admiring looks turn to her. Even though not everyone will call her beautiful in the usual sense of the word. But all model connoisseurs agree that she is unique.

Her features are unconventional even for an Asian face: narrow slanted eyes and huge lips with an unusual shape. A special highlight is the small moles on her face, which from a distance can resemble intricate piercings.

By the way, Tsunaina boldly experiments with ethnic images: huge tunnel earrings, nose piercings, necklaces. In all this, she looks like a mysterious priestess or a guest from another planet. Many consider the model similar to the image from the movie Avatar.

But Tsunaina is captured with various images. Christian Dior has already paid attention to her, and other well-known designers are ready to sign a contract with her. Meanwhile, fans wonder where this otherworldly-looking girl comes from.

Moreover, her press group gives the public no information. Only hints: either the photographer will put the hashtag “Tibet” under her photo, or someone will spread rumors that the girl was picked right from the streets of Nepal and taken away.

The fact that she is Asian, of course, leaves no doubts. But the name Tsunaina is not found in any of the Asian countries. There are consonant names: “Sunaina” or “Naina.” So most likely, the model has a pseudonym.

Tsunaina also attracts millions of followers on her Instagram page. And it’s not just about looks: the model loves to philosophize. Each of her photo captions is as concise and mysterious as she is.

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