Man adopts 13-year-old boy after leaving him alone in hospital

As soon as they met, Peter Mutabazi was aware that he would be Tony’s father. Their story is a moving journey about family and love.

Foster children can be left alone in the system for years and often face great vulnerability. But an unlikely hero is the reason this touching story has a happy ending.

Peter had a difficult childhood in Uganda, growing up in poverty and living on the streets. However, after being rescued and adopted by a caring family, he realized he was called to serve others and become an adoptive parent.

Peter made the decision in 2017 to become a foster family in Oklahoma. He went to a nearby agency because he initially feared that because he was single he might not be a good fit for the job.

He registered and completed the necessary training to become a foster parent despite this fear. Tony, a child whose previous adoptive parents left him in the hospital, is the one he met there.

Peter opines that they were meant to meet and would make an ideal father-son duo. The perfect match. A family that used to belong together was finally joined at the end of this difficult and turbulent journey.

When he announces this day, he is over the moon. He officially became a citizen of the United States. He exudes optimism, gratitude and pride.

After such a long journey, her happiness at home and in her heart is truly incomprehensible. Not only does he now hold a new citizenship, but he also has a son.

He praises his new child who, despite being only 13, is extremely intelligent and cultured.

He adds that his son enjoys playing video games, riding his bike and traveling to new places and has a great sense of humor.

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