Marriage of 11-year-old bride and elderly groom has been the subject of discussions on the network

It is hard to imagine how parents feel when they marry their beloved daughter. It’s both pride, overwhelming sadness and admiration for the beautiful bride, who only yesterday was their little girl. Jim Zetzen from California knew these feelings firsthand.

His little elders have already created their own families, the man even managed to become a happy grandfather.
The family also raised a baby girl, Josie, who Jim’s wife, Grace, gave to him when the man was already over 50. Josie was 11 when trouble hit the family. Jim suddenly started having health problems.

Before that, the man, who recently turned 62, felt quite cheerful and full of energy, so suddenly everything happened. The examination revealed the 4th stage of pancreatic cancer. Prior to this, the man had no symptoms and the diagnosis came as a complete surprise. Jim only had a few months to live.

Above all, the man was distressed that he could not lead his beloved youngest daughter to the altar. Then relatives and friends decided to organize a kind of ceremony to please him. Josie was dressed in a wedding dress, all the parents gathered in the garden, and the pastor was also invited there. Jim led his little beauty between the rows of guests, as he dreamed, and at the end of the ceremony, the pastor said: “I pronounce you father and daughter »

It all looked very touching, many guests could not hold back their emotions and burst into tears. Little Josie was crying as she hugged her father. Jim died two months later. However, the memory of this happy day warmed the soul of a loving dad until the last minute and remained forever in the memory of all his loved ones.

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