“Matviy was left by his wife with a little child in his arms, but he didn’t lose his composure and got married again.”

Matvey got married for the second time to Margarita. His second wife was a smart and beautiful woman. Matvey had a daughter from his first marriage, while Margarita was raising two sons. Both parents found each other, and before meeting Margarita,

Eugene lived with his daughter in a rented apartment but then moved in with his new wife. She had a splendid four-room apartment, and Margarita’s sons were 6 and 10 years old. Matvey’s daughter was younger, only 5 years old. At first, the children didn’t immediately get along, but thanks to Margarita’s efforts, they eventually bonded. She made sure they all felt equal and didn’t favor any of them when buying things to avoid family disputes.

Matvey was pleased with the new structure of his life. Margarita was an excellent cook, efficient in household chores, and the children were always clean and tidy under her care. She was not just a wife but a treasure. Matvey wanted Margarita to quit her job, but she was against it, feeling uncomfortable being financially dependent on her husband. Margarita worked in a cosmetic company in the marketing department. Two years passed since they started living together, and Margarita was a happy wife and mother, while Matvey was still waiting for his past. Of course, he kept this to himself and didn’t share it with Margarita.

One day, Matvey decided to have a serious conversation with his daughter,. He returned home, called, and took her for a walk. They went to get some ice cream, and Matvey watched as his little girl eagerly savored the treat. He missed his previous family. He still loved his ex-wife, Rosa, who had left him with to go to another city, where she found a much wealthier man. Matvey asked his daughter how she felt about her new family., without looking away from her ice cream, nodded her head.

That was indeed a positive sign. Matvey had been hoping for a different answer, so he asked his question in a different way, “Daughter, do you like Margarita?” stopped eating her ice cream, looked at her dad with a penetrating gaze, and asked, “Why are you asking? Did something happen?” Matvey was taken aback by such a direct question. He explained to his daughter that he wanted to reunite her with her real mom and leave Margarita.
started crying bitterly. She didn’t want to leave her new mom and her sons. She loved them. She considered Margarita to be her real mother, not the one who had given birth to her. Matvey was surprised by her reaction. He didn’t want to upset his daughter, as he could see how happy she was in her new family.

Upon returning home, he had a heart-to-heart talk with Margarita, explaining that he felt stuck in the past and couldn’t move on. Margarita comforted him, promising to help him get out of this abyss of memories.

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