Melissa had decided that if she ever had a child she would give him up for adoption, everything changed in an instant when she held her son. Such a touching story.

Melissa was a solitary girl, quiet and reserved. She had no friends, and she wasn’t interested in student parties. She lived for her studies, and books and textbooks were her companions. The university library was her favorite place to spend time. Anya didn’t seek attention, so hardly anyone knew her at the university. That evening, she stayed late at the library, and when she left, she decided to take a shortcut through an empty area. It was there that a rapist caught up with her and committed his dark deed.

He fled so quickly that Melisaa didn’t even see his face. The consequences of this incident became apparent a month and a half later when Anya realized she was pregnant. The doctor strongly advised against terminating the pregnancy, explaining that doing so could jeopardize Melissa ability to ever become a mother. Reluctantly, Melissa agreed to go through with the pregnancy, thinking that she would give the baby up for adoption after childbirth. Her priority at that time was her education, not the complications of raising a child.

However, when she saw her son at the orphanage, something inside her changed. “I will never give you to anyone, you are mine and mine alone,” she thought, looking at the child. The boy won her heart with his vulnerability. Two years later, Melissa shuddered at the mere thought that she once considered leaving her son at the shelter. Today, she is confident that it would have been her biggest mistake in life. She has no regrets and is very happy to have a son like Jack.

Her son is also happy to be with his mother. They walked through the park together, mother and son. The weather was perfect, and their spirits were high. Myshko never stopped asking questions, and his mother, delighted by his curiosity, answered his questions in detail.
Passersby, overhearing their conversation, smiled. But the mother and son didn’t notice anyone else. They live for each other, and the world belongs to them.

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