“Mom and mother-in-law said, ‘Don’t count on us anymore.’ But the help came from the person I least expected.”

I have a problem; I can’t find a nanny for my little Mila. Mila is my daughter, she’s two years old, very active yet calm. When I was pregnant, everyone was excited and waiting for her arrival. But after she was born, it seems like no one except us, her parents, wants to care for her. We have a mortgage, and initially, my husband was working for both of us. Now that Mila is two years old, I’ve also decided to go back to work. The issue is, we couldn’t find anyone to leave her with.

We’ve had nannies, and we’ve already gone through three of them in this time. The first one rummaged through our things, the second one stole my perfumes, and the third one disappeared at the worst possible moment, without even letting me know she couldn’t come to work.

So, my husband and I were getting ready for work, and the nanny still hadn’t arrived. My husband was already waiting in the car, warming it up, and the nanny was nowhere to be seen. I kept calling her, and she only sent me a text message saying, “I won’t come.” I had no one to leave my daughter with that day.

The only person I could count on was my grandmother. I called her, “Grandma, please help!” Since that day, my grandma has been our savior while I search for a reliable nanny and work. My grandmother is already quite old, she’s 75, and she moves slowly; she can’t keep up with Mila outside, which is why she doesn’t take her out for walks. Why didn’t I turn to my mom for help?

My mom is still quite young, not even 40 yet. She and my dad work all week, so I don’t bother her on weekends because she loves going to the theater. As for my mother-in-law, I haven’t been lucky there. She’s 50 and doesn’t work. She spends her days in restaurants, cafes, and theaters with her friends.
She told me not to count on her even when I was pregnant: “You see, I won’t be helping you. When you give birth, don’t call me. I’m not planning to take care of your child. It’s your responsibility. Hire a nanny. That’s why I don’t communicate with her. I don’t forbid her from seeing her granddaughter, but she herself doesn’t show any interest in Mila.

That’s why my child is currently with my great-grandmother; we don’t have any other options.

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