Mom gave birth to twins, but no one believes that they are siblings. It’s not about character – it’s a joke of genetics

The girl gave birth to twins, but no one believes her. Parents rejoiced at the double replenishment in the family, but when they saw the child for the first time, the mother began to cry. Both newborn twins were absolutely healthy, but even the obstetrician who delivered the baby did not immediately believe that they were siblings.

Young parents rejoiced replenishment in the family throughout the pregnancy of 23-year-old Dorian Johnson from Williamsburg, Virginia. But as soon as the long-awaited twins were shown to her in the maternity hospital, the girl could not hold back her tears, although the newborns turned out to be practically indistinguishable from each other. With one exception: one of the boys was with the same dark skin color as mom and dad, but the second baby was born an albino.

Tears in the young mother caused regret that one of the children was born with a genetically inherited disease. The kids, whom she named Zachary and Zavid, she loves equally strongly but understands that both she and her son will have to face misunderstanding from society every day.

As soon as Dorian goes to the store or to the playground with two-year-old twins, she immediately hears the same question from strangers: why did she decide to adopt a white child, although she has a boy who is one in one similar to her and of the same age, which is not native. For a girl, as for any mother who loves her children equally, it is painful to hear such conversations.

I take it as a negative reaction, I don’t like that people judge Zavid, me and my husband just because of the color of his skin. I have to protect my son and myself every day. This is everyday racism, this is a form of rare, but still discrimination.

Mom of unusual twins spends a lot of time talking with her boys. She prepares them for the fact that they will enter an independent life, where they will have to support each other and not give offense. She calls little Envy “the golden child”, emphasizing that he is special.

I want Zavid to know that he is special because it will help him later in life. I want him to love himself to the point where he doesn’t care what others think of him. The main thing is that he loves himself, and we love him with the whole family.

Everyone around the Johnson family knows that the brothers are best friends and understand, as happens with twins, each other without words. This gives parents hope that their special bond will help the boys when it comes time to go to kindergarten and then to school.

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