Mom left her daughter with her phone for a couple of minutes. The little one was enough to ruin her reputation

The woman left her daughter alone with the phone, but soon regretted it very much. In a few minutes without attention, the two-year-old baby managed to notably spoil the reputation of her mother: half of the people from the contact list on her phone were bombarded with intimate pictures.

Emily Schmitt from Ohio had to apologize to her colleagues, former clients and even university acquaintances with whom she had not communicated in years. And all because two-year-old baby Karsin decided to play with her mother’s phone while she was drying her hair after a shower.

Kids today are acquiring technology at an alarming rate. Apparently, Emily’s daughter already knew perfectly well what Snapchat was and that you can have fun with the app. But, instead of trying on masks, Karsin decided to take a couple of pictures of her beloved mother, and at the same time share them with contacts on her phone. True, she decided to photograph the parent at the moment when she stood without a towel and was about to dress for work. Schmitt, of course, was not even aware of this.

Right before leaving, Emily saw a message from her colleague on Snapchat. Thanks for the nudes! After a couple of minutes, the same employee decided to call.

I don’t know where to start the conversation, but I just realized this wasn’t your joke. Most likely, one of your children got to your phone,” she said.

Since little Karsin also managed to set the timing settings for the visibility of photos, Emily did not even know what exactly she sent from her account. A colleague stunned the woman with the news that she had received a nude shot of Schmitt from the back.

Schmitt rushed to check her contact lists and counted as many as 15 recipients. Among them were both former colleagues and current ones, as well as a guy who was in love with her at the university.

The woman sent each of them a message of apology. One old client told her that he just got a photo of a cute baby foot.

Mom left her daughter with her phone for a couple of minutes. The little one was enough to ruin her reputation

According to Emily, that day she wanted to die of shame, but there was still ahead. On Monday, she went to work – a woman working in a real estate firm of her father. He was the first to greet her with a loud announcement that was heard by the entire office.

The disgraced woman was ready to quit at the same moment, but still found the strength to squeeze out a smile in response. By the end of the working day, she felt better, and she set herself up to take the situation with humor.

Luckily it was Snapchat. This is the main positive side. No one took a screenshot, the photo disappeared forever. It’s a small consolation after everyone saw my butt one Sunday morning.

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