Mom took the child to work: the boss left his comment that circled the Internet

In the US, there is no maternity leave with social benefits for 1.5 years. And since Melody was still breastfeeding, she didn’t want to leave her daughter just yet.

Due to the lack of funds, she had to go to work immediately after the birth of the baby. This is a common story in the United States since it is considered an expensive pleasure to support a child. Without benefits and social guarantees, one of the parents has to stay at home and take care of the children. Not everyone can afford to hire a nanny or enroll a child in a preschool institution (kindergarten, nursery, or preparatory class).

In addition to constant lack of sleep, stress and anxiety, mom needs to think about work. It is not a common practice for the United States to take children to work, on the contrary, fixated on the result, bosses show a negative attitude towards all kinds of weakness. And motherhood is one of them.

But mom Melody’s boss Jett Blackwell let his employee bring her newborn daughter to work.

One day, her boss walked by and took a photo of Melody and her daughter, where they were sitting at the table. Daughter slept, and Melody sat back in her office chair with the phone in her ear. The manager decided to post the image on Facebook.

Here is how he wrote: “Working Moms”
From the outside, it looks so easy. Of course, it helps that Nora-Jo is so kind and happy when she’s around her mother.

Could you share this so that as many small and large companies as possible understand how important it is to have a mother and her child around? The months of infancy pass quickly. (Melody works mostly from home but comes when we need help. She’s still breastfeeding and the baby needs a mother! She has a lot of breaks to feed her baby when they’re in the office.)

Melody understands that it is not always possible to work with a child in her arms, and she is very happy to be able to work in this company and support her family. But still, more employers need to be more flexible when it comes to working moms.

Moreover, some parents simply cannot afford to stay at home with their children.

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