Mother and daughter with the age difference of 30 years: It is difficult to differentiate

The age difference between a mother and daughter in the United States is 30 years, but these numbers can only be seen in documents, not in their family photo.

There are two young beauties in the photos, and figuring out which of them gave birth to the other is a task only the elite can do.

Florida mom and daughter Don Hubsher and Cher Hubsher are confusing people with their looks, writes the Daily Mail.

These two women look like twin sisters, and Don, Cher’s mom, is already 60 years old.

What it’s like to look the same age as her own little one, another mom from the US knows: Despite the 30-year age difference, she looks like a copycat of her daughter.

However, there are even more questions for the teen’s mother, who is mistaken for her son’s girlfriend.

As a teenager, Cher was the only girl who had one of the youngest moms in school.

The girl always grew up like her mother, but when she became a teenager, the resemblance became frightening: the couple began to look like twins.

The identity even brought the mother and daughter a little fame – 75,000 people follow it on Instagram.

True, the similarity also has its drawbacks – it can confuse not only strangers, but also relatives of the two women.

Even Cher’s husband couldn’t avoid this fate, and you wouldn’t wish such an awkward experience with your mother-in-law to the enemy.

On this unfortunate day for him, his wife and Don were wearing clothes of the same color, and the guy couldn’t tell them apart at the most piquant moment.

My husband approached my mother and slapped her ass, thinking it was me.

Mom cosplays her daughter so much that people’s brains are breaking. There is a difference of 30 years between them, but it is unrealistic to understand who is older.

It works the other way, too: Cher recalled how one of her mom’s friends started talking to her like she was talking to Don, confusing those close to her.

However, there are many advantages. Cher admitted that each of her boyfriends told her that they knew what she would look like in 30 years and were more than happy with such a photo.

At the same time, Cher didn’t always like the fact that her mother looked so young.

But Don does not regret at all that at 60 he looks like a clone of his daughter.

Moreover, the resemblance helped Don and Cher in life. The bond between mother and daughter proved strong enough to write a book about the evolution of their relationship. The authors believe that their story will help mothers and daughters build an ideal relationship with each other.

The writer has not forgotten to share her secrets of youth: physical exercises, a vegetable diet, drinking water and her own daughter help her to stay in shape.

It helps me stay young because Cher introduces me to trends and styles.

And since Don is the same height as his daughter, it’s easy for women to choose outfits: what fits one, the other is sure to fit.

Age is just a number. Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to show it. Positive thoughts are the key.

At the same time, appearance is not the main thing for Don. The woman thinks her appearance is just a pleasant bonus for a close friendship with her daughter.

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