Mother made her daughter loose weight and brought to active life again

British resident Stephanie Sykes has suffered from overweight problems since childhood. Having lost her father, she completely despaired of life, locked herself in the house and ate non-stop. “I became a recluse. I didn’t care how I looked because I didn’t see the meaning of life.”

Sleep until two o’clock in the afternoon, endless eating and watching TV shows around the clock could not but affect the appearance of the poor fellow. When Stephanie’s weight reached 170 kg, she did not even think about stopping, believing that everyone did not care about her. It is not difficult to guess how everything could have ended for a broken girl.

Fortunately, her mother did not give up hope of saving her daughter and managed to set Stephanie on the right path. Mom’s trick worked: the woman simply signed up for a club for losing weight.

Stephanie’s boyfriend indulged her in everything and did not even think to talk to her about the seriousness of the problem. At the same time, her mother achieved the first success in losing weight, which inspired her daughter to change. Thus began her path of Stephanie from an obese girl to a slim girl with a couple of extra pounds.

Proper nutrition, exercise and mother’s support helped Stephanie lose half of her weight! So, now she weighs 85 kg and hardly recognizes herself in the mirror. Meanwhile, she broke up with a guy who did not contribute to her changes for the better.

Sykes is not going to stop there and is now collecting money from donations for an important operation. Dozens of kilograms did not leave without a trace – Stephanie needs to remove about 6 kg of excess skin. The cost of this joy is more than a million.

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