Mother of 10 boys at the age of 38: How does the woman manage to be a hero mother

It is difficult to find an occupation that would be as difficult as motherhood. And what about those mothers who have not two, not three, but 10 children? What if they are all boys? Such a situation would have brought many to despair, but not this Briton! This woman not only successfully copes with her maternal responsibilities but also looks great and shares the details of her life with others.

Her name is Alexis Brett, she is 38 years old, and despite the fact that the number of her sons leaves many speechless, she is quite happy. The oldest of her boys is 16 years old, and the youngest is not yet a year old. In one of her interviews, Alexis said that since her husband works hard and is away from home for a long time, all the worries fall on her shoulders.

She wakes up at half past five and starts her day by doing her hair and makeup. And only then she cooks breakfast for everyone and wakes up the children. After that, she takes the children to school or kindergarten. According to Alexis, she has long been accustomed to this daily routine.

The main difficulty of her life is cleaning: she has to not only clean and tidy, but also put back all the toys that the kids scatter. She vacuums 7 times a day, and erases – 5 times! In general, she endures this quite easily, and the only thing that saddens her is that she does not have time for herself, since she gives her whole life to children.

The most surprising thing in this story is that older children do not provide any help to the mother. Not only do they not vacuum and wash, but they also do not put away the toys of their younger brothers. Presumably, they are not able to eat without maternal help. Of course, this woman deserves admiration in her own way, but why spoil children like that?

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