Mother showed what it’s like to have three children. Only one thing is not clear: how did she walk with such a belly

On May 9, a 36-year-old Norwegian named Maria, living in Denmark, came to the doctor for the first ultrasound of her second pregnancy (she already had a two-year-old son). The procedure took place on the 13th week and was supposed to be absolutely ordinary. If it weren’t for one detail: three children were found in Maria’s stomach at once. Two girls and one boy, as it turned out later.


Thoughts about the upcoming replenishment of the family with triplets, Maria met with tears. The news that she would have to endure three children at once, the Norwegian, who was in “complete shock”, called “the biggest surprise in life”.

We had our first ultrasound at exactly 13 weeks. We got the biggest surprise of our lives. Complete shock.

In the middle of her term, Maria looked like an ordinary woman would have looked at the end of her pregnancy. True, she had to bear children a little less than usual.

It won’t be long before we meet them. Hopefully a little over 15 weeks.

During the second half of the term, Mary’s belly began to grow rapidly, gradually acquiring absolutely incredible dimensions. This process was photographed by the Norwegian in two-week increments. On September 10, she posted the final collage.

By mid-September, Maria’s stomach weighed about 20 kilograms, and she was seriously surprised that she managed to maintain an upright position. In the caption to the photo, published on September 10, the Norwegian clarified: the children should be born within a couple of days.

And it seems that the young parents, whose wedding took place during the pregnancy of Mary, are already preparing with might and main to meet the addition to the family. They even joked that they would have to change their comfortable SUV for a more spacious minibus.

Since we live in an 80-meter two-bedroom apartment, the triplets will stay in our room for the first year.

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