My beloved once said to me, “You have to choose between me and your daughter. I think you understand me.”

Kaya became pregnant in the 11th grade by her classmate, believing at the time that it was the love of her life. However, when boy found out about the pregnancy, he rejected the child and spread rumors about Kaya throughout the village.She and her parents felt ashamed of the situation – an underage girl giving birth – and worried about what people would say. Fortunately, her parents supported her and helped her raise the child.

Two years later, she decided to attend university. She left her daughter with her parents and moved to the city. She enrolled in the economics faculty and found a part-time job as a waitress in one of the city’s restaurants to help her parents financially.

It was there that she met Orest – a young, handsome, and well-off man. Orest immediately fell in love with and was willing to do anything for her. Romantic dates and sweet kisses ensued, and eventually moved in with. From that moment on, they began planning their wedding.

Of course, T they told about her daughter right away, and he didn’t see it as a problem. He even provided money for her to buy clothes and toys for the child. With time, started discussing the idea of bringing her daughter to live with them. However, to her surprise, was strongly against it.

He firmly stated that he understood Svitlana loved her daughter but insisted that the child should continue living in the village. He questioned the need for children at the moment, and argued that the child was used to her grandparents, and there was no place for her in their lives. This left in shock, as she loved Orest.

But it was Orest’s last sentence that helped her make the right decision: “You must understand that I’m not ready to raise someone else’s child. So, make your choice – it’s either me or Inna. I trust you’ll do the right thing, and we’ll continue living as before.” didn’t respond to him immediately. However, the next day when returned home,, her belongings, and her daughter were gone, leaving behind a note: “I will always choose my child.”

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